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Kids Freebies

Posted 3/5/11

ADT Child Safety Kit

Free Pull-Ups Big Kid Potty Training DVD 

Posted 3/2/11

Free Face Mask from Kimberly Clark

Posted 2/27/11

Free Space Camp CD and Poster

Free Heirloom Vegetable Seeds for your child's School 

Posted 2/26/11

Free Blockbuster Rental for your child's good grades (Report Card must be a "B" average or higher)

Free Stencil Ruler

Chuck E. Cheese Birthday Club

Free Pair of 3D Glasses

Free Book "Dads and Daughters" by Dr. James Dobson 

Posted 2/24/11

Free Downloadable "After School" Kits

Free Birthday BK Kid's Meal with Burger King

Free LeapFrog Book 

Posted 02/23/11

Free Samples of Orgami Crafting Paper

K-Mart Birthday Club for Kids

Free "Stop Bullying Now" DVD for Kids